25% OFF Green Beans /250g
Green Beans /250g
13% OFF Capsicum Red /250g
Capsicum Red /250g
15% OFF Sponge Gourd /500g
Sponge Gourd /500g
13% OFF Capsicum Yellow /250g
Capsicum Yellow /250g
Green Peas /500g
Green Peas /500g
25% OFF Carrot (Local) /500g
Carrot (Local) /500g
Sweet Potato /500g
Sweet Potato /500g
Carrot Desi /500g
Carrot Desi /500g
20% OFF Ginger /200g
Ginger /200g
12% OFF Lauka (Gourd) /Pc
Lauka (Gourd) /Pc
29% OFF Coriander Leaf (Dhaniya Patta) /100g
Coriander Leaf (Dhaniya Patta) /100g
Ash Gourd (Chal Kumro) /Pc
Ash Gourd (Chal Kumro) /Pc
15% OFF Cauliflower (Phulkobhi) /Pc
Cauliflower (Phulkobhi) /Pc
27% OFF Pumpkin Yellow /Kg
Pumpkin Yellow /Kg
40% OFF Green Chili /100g
Green Chili /100g
20% OFF Lemon /4 Pcs
Lemon /4 Pcs
29% OFF Palak (Spinach Bundle) /Pc
Palak (Spinach Bundle) /Pc
20% OFF Green Coconut (Kacha Dab) /2 Pcs
Green Coconut (Kacha Dab) /2 Pcs
Mushroom (~200g Pkt) /Pc
Mushroom (~200g Pkt) /Pc
5% OFF Karela (Bitter Gourd) /500g
Karela (Bitter Gourd) /500g
20% OFF Garlic (Lehsoon) /200g
Garlic (Lehsoon) /200g
20% OFF Beet Root /500g
Beet Root /500g
13% OFF Ridge Gourd (Torui) /500g
Ridge Gourd (Torui) /500g
Tender Jackfruit (Kathal) /500g
Tender Jackfruit (Kathal) /500g
25% OFF Ivy Gourd (Kundru) /500g
Ivy Gourd (Kundru) /500g
20% OFF Cucumber /500g
Cucumber /500g
8% OFF Coconut /Pc
Coconut /Pc
17% OFF Mint leaves (Pudina Patta Bundle) /Pc
Mint leaves (Pudina Patta Bundle) /Pc
Peeled Garlic (Lehsoon) /100g
Peeled Garlic (Lehsoon) /100g
6% OFF Parwal (Patol) /500g
Parwal (Patol) /500g
12% OFF Cabbage /Kg
Cabbage /Kg
Beans Broad (Shim) /250g
Beans Broad (Shim) /250g
23% OFF Barbatti (Lobia Beans) /500g
Barbatti (Lobia Beans) /500g
12% OFF Raw Banana Green /4 Pcs
Raw Banana Green /4 Pcs
50% OFF Curry Leaves
Curry Leaves
7% OFF Raw Mango /Kg
Raw Mango /Kg
12% OFF Green Capsicum /250g
Green Capsicum /250g
20% OFF Chichinge /500g
Chichinge /500g
20% OFF Potato Chandramukhi /Kg
Potato Chandramukhi /Kg
28% OFF Tomato /500g
Tomato /500g
20% OFF Brinjal (Begun) /500g
Brinjal (Begun) /500g
15% OFF Potato Jyoti /Kg
Potato Jyoti /Kg
14% OFF Ladies Finger /500g
Ladies Finger /500g
17% OFF Onion Super A Grade /Kg
Onion Super A Grade /Kg
15% OFF Green Papaya /Kg (Price as per actual weight)
Green Papaya /Kg (Price as per actual weight)
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